Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Walk on the Wild Side

From 1979 to 1984  I really trained very hard with a wide range of martial artists.
 At the beginning I began with Tai Chi with Ernie Rothrock.


Some Yang Tai Chi –Ernie and Victor doing the first ½ half of the Yang Form 10 years later.


Then after 9 months he started sharing various other form from kung fu so I could gain some knowledge about what kung fu systems did. These studies were to be able to understand what kung fu was doing when I judged it, I did not venture far into the application uses for these forms. But the experience really helped me understand how to learn forms. That was useful as time passed.

My first study was this one from Northern Shaolin.

Victor Dune de Kuen

And here is a Chinese version of the same.

Another was from Northern Mantis.
This is a performance of Ernie's Group doing the form.
The commentator is George Dillman, and does not necessarily reflect Ernie's teachings.
Then a Chinese version of the form
Chau Chi Northern Mantis for contrast.
Another was Tam Tui which Eagle Claw taught in the beginning.
 Victor Tam Tui
Then the Chin Woo version.


Ernie obtained permission to teach me one Eagle Claw form – Hong Kuen which had all of the Eagle Claw techniques in the form.
The form is lengthy 10 rows of techniques.
Videos of the rows can be found here.
Eagle Claw Fist – Ying Zhao Pai Hong Quan - Leuong Wo Wong
This is a long and advanced set requiring a lot of energy and good fundamentals. Ir is top develop your stamina and strengthen your skills.
It uses  a variety of special kicking techniques including two very specialized kicks of Eagle Claw: the low groin kick and the reverse into low bow kick.
 1st section

Or a continuous Chinese version of Xing Quan Shi Lu.

Another form is what my student is showing.

Andrew Ware form Pai  Lum Kuen
I did study a variety of other forms, Power Fist of the Eagle Claw and Chin Woo Association, Peng Tsu Done de Kuen (the greater Dune De Kuen) among them.
Here is a version of the Eagle Claw Kung Lek Kuen Power Fist form
Victor Peng Tzi Dune De Kuen
I also studied a variety of weapons. A basic staff form, 3 section staff form, Yang Tai Chi Straight Sword, and a Chinese short staff form below.  My studies did not go as deep into the weapons forms.
Victor then Dave Belsky performing Chinese Short Staff
While this is not everything it does represent a good portion of those studies.
I did not study the spelling of the forms names, so these are mostly my phonetic attempts at the names.






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