Monday, June 5, 2017

Sticks and Stones

The recent horrific terrorist attack in London
did have an interesting side bar.
A bouncer used bottles and other items to throw an one of the terrorists to drive them away.
And it worked.
While much of our training is just that, training, it is useful to realize what can be used for appropriate self defense.
The environment offers many items that can be useful.
Rocks, bottles, sticks and such can serve when stressed.
One of my practices uses just that as a training tool.
At brown belt I use 1/2 of the Bando Stick form we study to teach basic use of the stick as a back up weapon for combat.
Later, the complete form is studied. But the 1/2 form is a complete stick form is its own right.
And the student learns and becomes responsible for the practice that anything you can put your hands on can be used with these movements to defend your self.
Anything, Rocks, Bottles, a newspaper, a pencil or pen, a knife and even your empty hands can be used with these movements.
Here are 3 of my students doing the Brown Belt version of that form.
And this the complete form.
The ancient Okinawans knew this principle.
They learned how to utilize tools within their environment.
Every home had  kama for gardening. Thus the study of kama originated for defense.
Other weapons may have been imported to Okinawa,
but others did originate from what was available.
It can be most useful to retain this principle

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