Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Distraction a Weapon to Use

True story, One of the schools I trained with was very ecletic in their training, however, it also was the only school I trained at where they actually sparred, Over time we became friends. Back then the Iran hostage crisis was all the thing on the news. About that time a young Iranian man, a student in the states, approached them about training with them. He had some prior training in Iran. So he joined and rose to green belt in that style. Then one day everyone decided to attend one of George Dillman’s katate tournaments to compete there.

The young man entered Green Belt division, and because it was  huge group, they split the group in two to work their way to final competitors. That young man found success, and won fight after fight (it was probably one of the largest divisions I have ever seen. He made his way through his group and then was to fight against the winners in the second group.

 Now by this time all of the winners were pretty tired, after all those fights.

Finally he was in the fight for next to the last round.

That fight began and it was pretty clear neither fighters had much left, but did their best battling back and forth. The time came where the young man had nothing left, still facing his opponent.

Suddenly he pointed behind the other fighter, causing the fighter to turn his head. When his head turned, that young man struck him in the abdomen with a reverse punch, Winning the fight.

But he truly had nothing left, and was readily defeated in the final contest.
Garnering him 2nd place.

It made a point for me what a distraction could do if at the right time.

As for the young man, he left at the end of the school year.

I never heard of him again,

But I decided to name that move for me, never to be forgotten.

The ‘Farahazad’.

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