Sunday, February 18, 2018

On Becoming Old and Decrepit

Age happen so all of us, can’t avoid it. Suddenly you are no longer what you were. Training and effort can delay it a bit..even then it will occur.


It had been coming for a long time, and though I remained training, other habits I developed were not helping. Eventually the bill for them comes due.


Illness, surgery, recovery all probably were contributing factors, I worked my way through then. Then a time arrived that various disabilities arrived and things changed, I entered a very different life.


My training was eventually adjusted to what I became, but much I formerly counted on was now gone. Martial effectiveness was mainly past, but pieces remained in place, however it would take careful planning on being able to use them. So training day by day remains a necessity.


Over the years I saw so many different things, until I started to believe I did understand what was there. Then one day I learned there really was more to consider and do.


I was attending an annual clinic in Chicopee, Mass. With John Kerker. I remember his using the opening side block then reverse punch from Seisan kata in a new way to me. When the attack began, a left punch, moving toward him, he entered the attack from the attack outside zone of defense. Bringing his left arm up, he then swept it down then up, performing a side block, That motion sweeping the attacking arm down an then away from him, Then his right reverse strike entered the opened space toward the attackers solar plexus, a clean strike.


With some thought I realized that motion/application was one  I already had in my Yang Tai Chi, He was doing the same thing with his Isshinryu technique. The power of the rotation of his hip with the technique becoming the fuel for the clearing of the strike and the power for the strike. The tai chi sequence was a little different, but the same forces were being used.


Under the right circumstances this still can work for me, ever the  slight rotational energy from the utilization of in ny Isshinryu hip movement making the Isshinryu and the Tai Chi application still possible for me.
Not kidding about becoming old and decrepit. This is the sequence from my tai chi I was referring to. I yam what I yam, but still I move on.

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