Monday, May 14, 2018

The Charts - Upper Body, Lower Body

Back about 1998 when I joined the internet I had been a black belt since 1979 beginning in the art in 1974. I had not had much contact with others in Isshinryu, as there were not many schools in the areas I lived.


From that time I had observed there were often kata differences in others, but never paid much attention to that, just practiced the art as I learned it.


One of the first discussions I had on the original Isshinryu list, was about what others were doing with the Isshinryu Charts.


That was the first time I came to realize that there were many, many different variations for Chart I and Chart II.


I noted the differences from what I was taught, but was content to keep the way I learnt them. I observed that there must be many variances from what Isshinryu tradition was.


It recently occurred to me that the first technique was from Chinto. Not that I hadn’t realized that a long time ago, for I had. But that I had never seen anyone talk about that. Then again there are many things people rarely talk about, often core practices are among them.


I do not care about better or worse. I see it as the foundation on which each dojo has been built upon.


But it is interesting nevertheless.


Here are the Charts, Upper Body and Lower Body, which I have always followed.


Original Upper Body Combinations

  1. RFF Right Punch
  2. RFF Right Uppercut
  3. LFF Right Punch
  4. LFF Right Uppercut
  5. RFB Left Low Block, Right Punch
  6. RFB Left Side Block, Right Punch
  7. RFB Left Arm Block, Right Spear
  8. RFB Left High Block, Right Punch
  9. RFB Left Open Hand Block, Right Uppercut
  10. RFB Left Bridge Strike (Nose), Right Punch
  11. LFF Left Low Block 5 Punches
  12. LFF Left Side Block 5 Punches
  13. LFF Right Roundhouse Punch, Left (Same)
  14. LFF Left Open Low Block, Right Shuto
  15. Break Bear Hug

Original Lower Body Combinations
  1. Front Snap Kick
  2. Knee Strike (45degrees)
  3. Front Kick (Side)
  4. Cross Kick
  5. Side Snap Kick
  6. Heel Strike (Knee)
  7. Knee Strike
  8. Rear Kick
  9. Side Kick (45 degrees rear)
  10. Squat Kick
  11. Side Kick (on  Floor)
  12. Front Thrust (from floor)
  13. Double Jump Kick
  14. Roundhouse Kick
  15. Side Kick (Rear 45 degrees), Rear Kick


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