Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ice Chi in Frosty Derry-Air

Another year begins. As I’ve been doing for over 20 years I practiced my Yang Tai Chi outside this morning. Actually I recall performing it with Laoshi over 30 years ago on New Years morning. When I began my Tai Chi group in Derry we practiced outside on Sunday mornings. In hot, warm, cool or cold air. From +100 f. to -20 f., the only weather that defeated tai chi practice was rain. Don’t do soggy chi at all.

These day’s my practice is private.

When I went outside I discovered the ground and driveway were covered with a layer of ice, making my practice more difficult, but also challenging. I didn’t slip and performed my Yang Sword and Yang Tai Chi form without problem. Then Kata SunNuSu and a run-through of Aragaki no Sochin.

On conclusion I then went for a two mile walk. That was harder for the ice was starting to melt and I needed to constantly mind my ability to break-fall.

During my walk I thought about how my tai chi study aided my Isshinru. The attention to small detail of body alignment in tai chi taught me valuable lessons how the same was needed for solid karate performance.

A great way to start a year. Now all I need is a near blizzard to make it perfect.

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