Friday, January 27, 2012

“Judo InsideOut , a Cultural reconciliation” by Geof Gleeson

In 1983 “Judo Inside Out” was published, the book the creation of English Judo-ka and Psychologist Geof Gleeson. It is one of the marital texts of the modern era that offers insight and wisdom for the instructor. Not a Judo-ka, not an issue the book can be restated to whatever art you practice and it retains all of it’s value [Note: this does take work!]

I’ve been through the book many times and each time it offers great value. For an example from the chapter ‘Some Differences between Skill and Technique’, page 21.

1. An efficient fighter always assumes he is the weaker in skills (not the weaker in determination to win). It may not be true, but in this way he will not underestimate his opponent.

2. Accepting an inferior – but temporary – relationship makes the necessity of correct analysis more pressing and essential to get right.

3. Being weaker than the opposition is a common relationship often found in any fighter’s career, yet seldom discussed. For some strange reason it is always suggested that the fighter should assume he is the better in any championship there is only one winner, the rest are losers, so there must be a lot more ‘weaker-relationships’ than ‘stronger-relationships’.

Because by definition skill is the adaptation to an ever changing set of circumstances, it is impossible to describe any specific skill in general terms…..

It’s chapters include:

Chapter 1 Some Differences between Skill and Technique

Chapter 2 Countering Skills

Chapter 3 Let’s Start Again

Chapter 4 The Psychology of Competition – or How to Make the Most out of Very Little

Chapter 5 A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Chapter 6 A Summing Up

I would suggest if you can find a copy it will be worth your effort.

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