Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time Travel Agena 1972

There’s a lot of history on a concrete floor that no longer exists.

When Charles Murray trained in Agena in 1971 he kept some memories that I’m sharing so we don’t forget.

The difference from the days when my original instructor, Tom Lewis, trained in Agena, a roof had been added to the dojo. The broken bottles were still atop the wall.

So here are a few photographs and video’s of Agena.

A painting of Shimabuku Sensei hanging on the wall.

The desk of Shimabuku Sensei.

The Agena dojo wall.

The Agena dojo training facilities.

Isshinryu Kata Chart

Upper and Lower Body Chart

The most important dojo notice!

Agena Dojo in 1972

Working the makiwara in Agena.

A big thank you to Charles Murray for sharing these memories with my students.


Lars Andersen said...

Thank you very much for posting.

Lars Andersen

Richard Ruberto said...

This is a rare video. Thanks for sharing it.

Mark Cook said...

Thanks Victor. I really love to get a vicarious taste of other peoples experience.

Victor Smith said...

As a response to a request I've taken a blown up copy of the original photo and this is what the Agena charts read.

1 Seisan
2 Seiunchin
3 Naihanchi
4 Wansu
5 Sanchin
6 Chinto
7 Kusanku
8 Suensu

Bo & Saya Kumite
1 Tokumine no Kin
2 Urasoe
3 Shue Yoshi no Kun
4 Chantan Yada No Saya
5 Kusanku Saya

1 RF Forward RP forward
2 RF Forward RH uppercut
3 LF Forward RP forward
4 LF Forward RH uppercut
5 RFB LH Leg Block RP forward
6 RFB LH Side Block RP forward
7 RFB LH Open Side Block RH Open forward
8 RFB LH Open Side Block RH Uppercut
9 RFB LH Head Block RP forward
10 RFB LH Bridge of Nose RP forward
11 LFF LH Leg block 5 punches
12 LFF LH Side Block 5 punches
13 LFF LH Karate Strike RH Karate Strike
14 LFF Double Strikes to Rib Cage
15 Bear Hug Break From Rear

Kick Exercises
1 Forward Kick
2 Forward Joint Kick
3 Cross Over Kick
4 Side Kick Edge of Foot
5 Side Kick Ball of Foot
6 Squat Kick