Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ongoing efforts

This week the youth program began again for the year. It was good to get back on the floor with them and Mike. Look forward to an exciting year with them..

I got dressed for the first time, in more formal clothes, since May to visit The Doctor's and see how large my clothes have become. Quite a change.

This morning I focusd on a few kata to correct them. Seiunchin, Chinto Sanchin and Aragaki No Sochin. Those efforts and a very slow Tokomeni No Kon the Bo kata.

We have to review and correct ourselves as we  chnge. Our efforts continue to reflect our ability/.

Then I went for a mile walk.

Now work at two different book reviews for friends new publications. It is as important to review the good as is to remain silent about the less credible.

Ever working.

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