Monday, August 27, 2012

With Apologies

It is very difficult to talk about oneself.

Doctor Harper is correct, I can never thank him enough.

His advice did bring my type 2 diabetes into control with my blood sugar averaging about 100. I takes exercise, diet changes and medication.

His advice directed me to a super surgeon, Doctor Hoepp and with Doctor Harpers assistance they  brilliantly removed the cancer and then reversed my ostemy a year later.

The doctors directed me to  the Dana Farber clinic where they delivered my chemotherapy. And directed me to the Ellott Radiological Group for my radiation treatment.

Doctor Harper has also assisted me in my ongoing treatment of my Mysthenia Gravis.

For all this I am thankful, though in part my problems we I didn’t listen to him soon enough.

We need to learn alone we need our doctors!
Doctor Harper is also an outstanding black belt in multiiple arts.

Ongoing I follow his advice, as he gives it, and I work to remain.

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