Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reach Out and Touch Them

Once upon a time I had a beginner with considerable previous training, lets refer to him a MF. After this class he was impressing/frightening the other beginners with a series of jumping spinning crescent kicks. I approached them and told them I had already showed them how to deal with this attack though they didn’t remember it,and asked MF to attack me. He did using his jumping spinning crescent kick where I stepped forward and reached out and touched him. He flew back 20 feet landing in to the wall.

I just flowed a stroke forward and his throat impaled itself onto my fingers. He threw himself away to prevent his own injury.  It is important not to thrust into the neck.

I first saw the technique at Sutrisno Sensei’s in several variations back in 1980. Since then I discovered it‘s power. The key is to flow the stroke into the neck. The karate variation to thrust into the neck has a very different potential.

The following example of the technique comes from Shioda Gozo’s ‘Total Aikido The Master Course’ demonstrating Shuchu-Ryoku Focused Power.

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JoRoman said...

This works very well against larger opponents who count on their size and strength to drive forward into someone smaller. Used it once against a corrections officer in class, 6'3" and 300 lbs beast just impaled himself into my nihon nukite right into the hollow of the throat, off his feet and down with no effort on my part other than keep unbendable arm. Very effective and almost impossible to see if done right, person feels the fingers on the throat and loses all structure.