Monday, August 27, 2012


I am now cancer free, But Mysthenia Graivs which developed remains. Unfortunately I am now in the best shape I’ve been in, around 220 and unable to do much.

The cause is unclear. It may be genetic or perhaps a result of the chemotherapy and x rays I received.

But the result is that I am disabled, unable to work and in poor shape. Right now I’m on short term disability.

So far my treatment has gotten no results.

I find it difficult to talk. I’m impossible to understand on the phone. I have little balance and I tire very easily. My fine motor control is gone I can’t write and typing is difficult (this took a long time to prepare).

All he decades of practice and I have very little now. How quick it goes.

I can’t drive and my days are now confined to the house.

I do walk with a cane and several times a week I walk for exercise , 1 or 2 miles. Falling is a concern and I wear a life monnitor to call for he.p.

Although my balance is shot I still practice my tai chi and karate. I’ve become the old man.

My thinking is fine but it is very hard to express myself. I spend a lot of my time thinking on karate issues.

I expect to help with the kids class after Labor Day, but am unsure what I can do yet.

I work on my karate and tai chi as a way to learn my different potential. Not a cure but a life.

I am learning a lot about being disabled. The looks on peoples faces when they can’t understand me, the patience it requires helping them.

I persevere


Jonathan said...

Hang in there Victor

JoRoman said...

Your fortitude in such adversity is humbling and inspiring Victor. I once read of a disabled teacher who was disabled yet his students were very proficient at martial arts as he had great insight into his art. I feel your students will benefit from your knowledge just as well.

DocH said...

14What do you mean "(my) treatnment has gotten no results? You have been cured of cancer! How many people can say that? I can't say too much more because of confidentiality reasons. Don't think like that,damn it. You taught me for many years how to suck it up and move on. All through my problems you showed me the way was open. Believe in what you told me!

chester said...

Best of luck to you Victor. You still have the will to succeed and the ability to think. Not all practice is physical.