Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This weekend is the 29th gathering of the Bushi No Te organization presided over by Tristan Sutrisno.

It is having its annul cross training meeting in the Poconos. The group is dedicated to martial excellence.

Congratulations on 29 outstanding years.

I can‘t attend this year too many physical issues but I recall many items from the past.

Camping outdoors in primitive conditions with a two hole outhouse.

Learning Nijushiho, White Crane (N.Shaolin), Striking pressure points from a Chinese and Indonesian perspective, and much more.

Teaaching short stick and teaching Kusanku at midnight in pouring rain with my son asleep in his carriage nearby.

Night war games won and lost. Ever learning in the process.

Crossing a creek with my bo on two ropes.

Teaching Tai Chi in the morning.

Studying with Tristan Sutrisno, Ernest Rorhrock, Peter Whitehouse and many others.

Good Luck for a fine tradition

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