Saturday, November 17, 2012

Classical Fighting Arts and Isshinryu Continued

Jeff Perkins has kindly sent me the book “Okinawan Karate, A Man Called Chanmie - Kyan Chotoku a new point of view – A Story of his youth.” by IREI Hiroshi,. The book he purchased on Okinawa.This book was produced of sale at he Kyan museum.  

The book is not so much about Kyan’s karate but more a historical record of his family and early life. While it does menton his training with his father and other instructors, the most important detail for us was that it mentions Shimabuku Tatsuo, the founder of Isshinryu, became a student at age 24, in 1926, and that Nagamine Shoshin’s book ‘Past Master Book of Karate and Okinawa Sumo” mentions Shimabuku Tatsuo became a student of Kyan Chotoku at the invitation of Nagamine Shoshin his friend , who was a student of Kyan and a friend at Nichu (the High School in Naha).

So we have an Okinawan writing a book to help preserve Kyan’s history, mentioning Shimabuku Tatsuo. Sounds more and more as this being accepted history for Okinawa.

More to help clarify the past.

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