Friday, November 9, 2012

Pleasant Isshinryu

Time flows so quickly. One of the first wide Isshinryu discussion groups was hosted by David Esteeve on the Univ. of Florida listserver. Later it moved to Yahoo Groups. Many of the discussions did not evidence personal control and were often downright bloody. One day I had enough and started my own group to contain the issue, a pleasant place for Isshinryu discussion and there were many who decided to join.

For the group logo I picked the’ Alfred E. Mi zugami’, a gentle jest behind many of the bloody conversations. It was the creation of Matt Carney, and I borrowed it with his permission.

Over the years there have literally been thousands of discussions covering anything the members wished. Rarely have we had to remind people to keep it pleasant. They disciplined themselves on the whole.

The change in social media. And the members advancing knowledge has led to less discussion. Facebook among the changes of the evolving new era. But still it keeps rolling along with its archives being a treasure trove of Isshinryu history.

The groups stated purpose remains true.

The Isshinryu discussion group for pleasant conversation.

No Bad Thoughts will be tolerated. If you have to think them you must keep them to yourself or bye bye.

this group is dedicated to the implausable premise that polite discussion of Isshinryu is not only possible but mandatory!

Prospective members will be receive a request for a brief bio before membership will be reviewed.

The first post stated the group purpose.

Somebody had to attempt the impossible. Creating a discussion group for Isshinryu where NO bad, miserable, disgusting thoughts will be permitted. Instead a simple group where polite, informative uplifting discussion on Isshinryu can exist.

For purposes of this group, everybody is correct. All ranks are correct. Kichero Shimabuku inherited the Isshinryu system from his father as per Okinawan custom. Likewise all other Isshinryu seniors are also correct and any inconstancies between them disappear into

Discussions about Rank are discouraged. All rank is a personal matter between the instructor and their direct students and we will not have the bad taste to discuss something that isn't our business.

Instead truth, justice and the American Way (that being free speech does not exist in the group as per negative discussions) will prevail.

And there is no appeal to the reality I control the delete key

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Maulstick said...

I am happy to find this blog. It is a wealth of information and history. I look forward to learning.