Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shaolin 5 Animal and 8 Method Boxiing

Shaolin 5 Animal and 8 Method Boxiing

There are times we should seek beyond our comfort zone.

This is one of the best and most interesting Chinese Systems of study I’ve seen.

This is a very well known Shaolin form called FIVE SHAPES EIGHT METHODS by which is meant Five Animals. A good, long form of the Shaolin family with the animals clearly shown mixed with explosive power.

This form of Shaolin The Jin Gang or Vajra dates from at least the Mid-Ming over 400 years ago when Shaolin was in one of its strongest modes. The Vajra Fist claims to have been formed at the beginning of Yuan Dynasty which would put it over 1000 years ago. At the end of the Mind Shaolin went through a typical "boiling down" period where movements were reorganized and forms restructed. Tthis set combining 5 Animals: Dragon( mind), Tiger ( bone), leopard ( explosive power), snake ( ch'i) and Crane (spirit) inter-relates to the classic 8 Methods: Internal Gong, External Gong, mental refinement, fist skills, leg & footwork, body, grappling, and qi accumulation

It is within the technique range of our karate studies. No, I have not pursued it but wish I could. I am pleased that I can offer it for you to think about. The video’ on Youtube offer much detail about the form and it’s function.


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