Sunday, January 19, 2014

Quiz - How Does This Work ?


Ryan Parker said...

Most of the places Oyata shinshii used to drop and stun (more rarely cause true unconsciousness) are fairly well known in martial arts circles. The carotid sinus and branches of the trigeminal nerve can trigger the vasovagal response including bradycardia and vasodilation causing sudden hypotension. The area at the front of the jaw is a well know KO blow which can be made even more effective by focusing the pressure on the branch of the trigeminal nerve emerging from the mental foramen. The behind the ear and the base of the skull are other well known as places a blow can cause dramatic effects (including possibly KO). Oyata shinshii was remarkably adept at using exactly the optimal type of pressure (it varies with the location) at precisely the most effective angle... making it appear to be almost like magic. In reality he was just very good at striking areas which most martial artists know to be vulnerable (or at least they should know).

Victor Smith said...


Thank you for your contribution.