Saturday, January 25, 2014


Michael Cassidy performing Kusanku Kata

I’ve trained many places, participated in many drills at those times. One evening I was visiting a friend Tom Ross in Taylor, Pa. who trained in Synko Ryu with Siemong Wang Sensei. He was not there that evening and it was decided that everyone would self train in the Community Center gym where classes were held.

I started going through my Isshinryu kata, as I wasn’t learning their system just training along.
First I did Seisan kata then Seiuchin, then I decided I would try somethinm I had only read about, performing one kata many multiple times. I was then training or teaching 6 days a week and was uses to hard sweat workouts. I thought I’d have a go at doing Kusanku kata 20 times.

I began first time no problem. Second, again just the kata. Third time it was beginning to be an effort. Then the fourth, fifth and sixth times. Now it was beginning on becoming more difficult with longer rests between the repetitions required.

On the 7th I was now more tired, and balance was going, Definitely harder to get both down and up. However I kept going. Then the 8th and the 9th, harder, definitely harder. Longer greaks required. Next the 20th, just made it. Now to rest.

Kept going on and made the 11th. Walking became unsteady. Can’t quit.

Barely made it through 12 and finally stopped. No longer any technique execution. Flopping through the form. No sense in doing more and practicing how to do the form wrong.

So I didn’t complete my personal challenge. Learned a great deal though. It was one thing to set a training goal, another thing altogether to reach unrealistic goals. Sure it was a workout, but at the same time it just was a practice in learning your limits. Personally worth while to know how far I can go on. Not a practice for class, a very personal practice.

Have you ever tried to find your limits?

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