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1926 Choki Motobu: Dojo Kun of Daidokan Dojo


1926 Choki Motobu: Dojo Kun of Daidokan Dojo

Dojo Kun:
Dojo (do = "the way", jo = "place")
Originally meant the place where buddhistic monks studied and trained. Dojo means not only physical but also spiritual training.

Kun ("rule, precept, teaching")

Dojo Kun: in some of the dojo there is the set of rules and regulations. Statements which a dojo is proud to aspire to, uphold and abide by. Similar to a mission statement.

The following is the Dojo Kun of the Daidokan Dojo, written in 1926 by Choki Motobu Sensei, father of Chosei Motobu Soke of our Motobu-ryu family art. Called "Kenpo Shosoku" (the Kenpo Small Rule).

1. Training is best done as a child.
2. Try to help people and train.
3. Practice
4. Keep your position.
5. Make training a habit; practice twice every morning and evening.
6. Like a samurai, you should try to help people.
7. Karate is global. People who practice it have good mentalities. Pay attention
I found this on facebook on the Motobu family site  https://www.facebook.com/Motoburyu.Japan/?fref=ts Thanks to everyone there for sharing this.

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