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Jintai Kyusho - Vital Points

Browsing the interned, I came up with several explanations which are interesting.

Jintai Kyusho – Vital Point Striking


1) Suture (Tendo) – top of head. Causes death.

2) Frontal Fontanel (Tento) – Top front of head. Causes death.

3) Temple (Kasumi) – Side of head, behind eyes. Causes unconsciousness (and death from severe blow).

4) Circumorbital (Seidon) – Upper & lower parts of eye socket. Causes loss of consciousness.

5) Eyeball (Gansei) – Loss od consciousness and severe permanent damage to eyeball.

6) Glabella (Uto) – base of nose between the eyes. Loss of consciousness and possible francure of nose bone.

7) Intermaxillary suture (Jinchu) – point between upper lip and nose. Loss of consciousness.

8) Centre Lower Jaw (Gekon) – just below lower lip. Causes unconsciousness and possible jaw fracture.

9) Lower Jaw base (Mikazuki) – tip of lower jaw. Causes loss of consciousness and possible jaw fracture.

10) Indent below ears and rear of jaw  (dokko) – loss of consciousness and possible jaw fracture.

11) Mid jaw bone – (both sides) causes loss of consciousness and possible jaw fracture.

Neck & Throat

1) Rear Neck (Keichu) – Third intervertebral space (base of neck). Loss of consciousness and possible neck fracture.

2) Carotid Artery & Nerve (Matsukaze). Front/side of neck (both sides) – Loss of consciousness and possible neck fracture.

3) Supraclavicular Fossa (Murasame) – Front/side of throat (both sides) – Loss of consciousness and possible collar bone fracture.

4) Adams Apple – Causes death due to crushed windpipe & neck fracture.

5) Suprasternal Notch (Hitchu) – soft part of throat, just between collar bones. Causes death due to crushed windpipe or at least severe pain.

Torso (Front)

1) Sternal Angle (Tanchu) – Central sternum. Severe blow casues death by fracture and severe trauma to heart. Less severe blow can cause unconsciousness.

2) Xiphoid Process (Kyosen) – lowest part of sternum bone. Causes death with severe blow, affecting the heart. Less severe blow causes loss of consciousness and affects internal organs

3) Solar Plexus (Suigetsu) –  just below the sternum bone. Causes loss of consciousness. Affects internal organs such as liver & stomach.

4) Just Below Nipples (Ganka) – Between 5th & 6th ribs on either side. Causes loss of consciousness due to trauma to lungs (stoppage of breathing).

5) Right Abdomen (migi denko) – seventh intercostal space. Severe trauma to liver and lungs leading to loss of consciousness.

6) Left Abdomen (hidari denko) – Loss of consciousness due to effect on stomach & spleen. Effects on the heart & lungs which in severe cases can lead to death.

7) Lower Frontal Adomen (Tanden) – About one inch below umbilical. Loss of consciousness caused  by trauma to small intestine, bladder and major abdominal blood vessels.

8) Testes (Kinteki) – Loss of consciousness & death in severe cases.

Torso, Side & Rear

1) Subaxilliary Region (Kyoei) – side of chest (both sides) about half way down the rib cage. Causes loss of consciousness and failure of lung function, circulation then death with a severe blow.

2) Scapular Ridge (Hayauchi) – two points either side of spinal column, between shoulder blades. Causes trauma to lung functin and spinal cord, resulting in loss of consciousness with severe trauma.

3) Space between 5th & 6th Thoracic Vertebrae (Kassatsu) –  Central spine, just below No. 2 (Hayauchi). Severe blow affects spinal cord, heart, aorta and lungs. Death with a severe blow.

4) Lumbar Region (Ushiro Denko) – 4 points just to the side of the 9th and 11th thoracic vertebrae. Points near 11th vertebrae most effective for attack, causing severe trauma to kidneys and associated blood vessels.

5) Cocx (Bitei) – Causes loss of concsiousness due to trauma to spinal column.

Arms, Shoulders & Hands

1) Top of Bicep Muscle – located where upper bicep tendons attach to arm. Moderate blow will cause severe pain and loss of motor control.

2) Upper arm, Dorsal surface (Wanjun) – point between biceps and triceps, mid upper arm. Moderate  to severe blow causes loss of consciousness (trauma to ulnar & median nerves). Causes neck & chest pain and loss of motor control.

3) Elbow, Lateral Surface (Hijizume) – neck & chest pain casuing loss of motor control & loss of consciousness.

4) Lower Arm – Point about 3 inches down from inner elbow. Sharp blow causes severe pain and loss of motor control.

5) Lower (Inner) Arm – Point about 3 inches up from wrist, along inner edge of bone. Moderate blow will cause severe pain and loss of motor control.

 6) Wrist, Dorsal Surface (Soto shakutaku) – Space between ends of radius and ulna bones in lower arm. Causes loss of motor control and unconsciousness.

7) Wrist, Inside (Uchi Shakutaku) – causes chest and throat pain and can also cause loss of motor control and unconsciousness.

8) Hand, Back (Shuko) –

a) Point between index finger & thumb.

b) Point between 2nd & ring finger

c) Any of the bones on the back of the hand.

Causes pain in chest and throat, loss of motor control and unconsciousness.

Legs & Feet

1) Inguinal Region (Yako) – Top of leg & groin area (both sides). Causes severe hip & abdoment pain, loss of motor function and unconsciousness.

2) Gluteal Fold (Ushiro Inazuma) – rear of leg, just below each buttock. Severe pain in abdomen and hip areas due to trauma to sciatic nerve. Also loss of motor control and unconsciousness.

3) Thigh, mid to lower, lateral part (Fukuto) – causes severe pain, muscle cramping in thigh, pain in lower abdomen and loss of leg motor function.

4) Fibula, Middle (Kokutsu) – central lower leg on the front of leg. Causes severe pain (fibular nerve) and loss of posture.

5) Soleus Muscle, lower part (Kusanagi) – lower part of calf muscle. Trauma to the tibial artery and nerve, also producing pain in abdominal and hip regions. Causes loss of motor function.

6) Lower Inside of Fibia – causes severe leg pain.

7) Medial Malleolus (uchikurobushi) – Point just below the ankle bone. Causes trauma to tibial artery, pain in the hip area leading to loss of motor function.

8) Instep (Kori) – Point is on top of foot between temdons of big toe and 2nd toe. Causes pain in leg, hip & abdomen, with loss of motor function.

9) Foot, top of (Soin) – Point on lateral side of foot, about 3 inches behind and central of small and 4th toes. Causes pain and loss of consciousness.



Hichu – This pressure point is located in the center of the lowest part of the Neck, in the hollow 

Shofu – In the lateral aspect of the neck, in the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus posterosuperior on both sides of the center of the neck. 

Tento – One half inch directly above the middle of the anterior hairline.

Dokko-Dokko is a hollow spot behind the ear lobe

Uto – One half inch above Eye Bridge, between the eyes.

Jinchu – A little above midpoint of the philtrum, just under the nostrils.

Mikazuki – Above the Adam’s apple, in the depression of the upper border of the hyoid bone.

Kote – On the inner crease of the elbow (find the center of the crease, and move inward toward the body one half cun.)

Yun Chuan – On the sole of the foot just forward of center.

Yako – Four cun (inches) above the medial epicedial of the femur, between m. vastus medialis and m. Sartorius. One inch below the center of the inner thigh.

Bitei – Inwards or upwards or a combination of the two angles.

Kinteki – The midpoint of the upper boarder of the Superior pubic ligament

Teko – On the dorsum of the hand, between the thumb and the 1st metacarpal bones, dors. Inter osseous m.,1st

Myojyo – Classic martial arts on inch below the belly button. Acupuncture places it at 1.5 cun from navel.

Sonu – The general location of this area is stomach and large intestine

Tendo – Found at the top of the skull, 2 cun (inch) posterior to the midpoint of the anterior hairline.

Kasumi – Sphenoid or temple, in the depression about one inch posterior to the midpoint between the lateral eyebrow and the outer canthus.

Mimi – Whole of the Ear

Seidon – Yuyao, middle of the eyebrow with the eye looking forward, the point is under the pupil, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge.

Genkon – In the depression in the center of the Mentolabial groove.

Keichu – Center of the back of the neck, between the third and fourth Cervical vertebrae.

Muyo bone – Inside edge of the tibia, seven cun above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the medial aspect near the medial border of the tibia.

Fukuto – Fukuto, is located on the midline of the lateral aspect of the thigh, about seven cun above the transverse popliteal crease.

Uchi Kuro Bushi – In the depression of the lower border of the medial malleolus or one cun (inch) below the medial malleolus. Just below and slightly to the front of the knobby protruding of bone on the in side of the ankle of the right leg.

Koori – Gap between the first and second toe on the foot surface of the web.

Gaishoho – One half inch above, on the Pericardium meridian, on the palm side of the arm about two and a half inches above the wrist, between the Radius and the ulna bones.

Shen Men – Out side of the back of the foot, behind outer ankle.


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