Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shimabuku Tatsuo and the Elbow Strike

One of the things I like best is how Shimabuku Tatsuo took the effort to add elbow strikes to Isshinryu in Kata Wansu and SunNuSu.


Now other Okinawan systems teach elbow striking. I recall Hiagonna Morio and Oshrio Toshiro videos demonstrating them.


The drill shown by Hiagonna was particularily impressive. As I recall the drill went like this


Against a left strike

1. Right foot forward right inside horizontal elbow strike toward arm,

2. Right outside horizontal elbow strike into the left arm

3. Right inside horizontal elbow strike into the arm.

4. Right outside descending elbow strike into the arm.

5. Right inside horizontal elbow strike across the arm to the face.

6. Right outside descending elbow strike into the face

7. Left inside horizontal elbow strike to the face


At least that is how I remember it. It was a drill not a suggested application.


In fact Oshiro Sensei uses the Rising block as a sort of elbow strike.
But to by best recollection only Shimabuku Tatsuo took the time to incorporate them in his kata. They were added to his version of Wansu Kata and then incorporated into his version of SunNuSu Kata.
I think it safe to say he felt they were important additions to make his karate stronger for his students. There were even elbow techniques in his Kumite.
2) Opponent grabs our LH wrist w/2hands and w/thumbs on top.  From
top we grab our own fist and pull up against his thumb.  Then step in LFFand  LH elbow to solar plexus and then bridge to nose.
            ** Variation to above is to just reach over  and grab your finger and pull
            your hand up and out.
8) PUNCH DEFENSES   (6:07):  
            ** Sunnusu block with inner elbow (LFF & LH) and backfist
            ** Sunnusu up block, grab wrist, spin and elbow to their back
Here is Uzeu Angi demonstrating some of those techniques.
Of course elbow strikes abound in all Okinawan karate.

Where the ascending block could be use as an ascending, forward or descending elbow strike. Where the outside block could be used as an ascending elbow strike or a descending elbow strike. Where the inside block could be a forward or descending elbow strike. And where the descending block could be a descending elbow strike.
All blocks have an elbow component that might be a elbow strike, too.
This depends on how you choose to use the movement potential.
Something the student should keep in mind.


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