Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Wansu Throw

The Wansu Throw
In the Isshinryu Wansu Kata there is a throw, oft times called the Firemans throw. This throw is found in other Okinawan systems. An example came from the writings of Funakishi Ginchin on karate throwing techniques. As you can see below.

A good explanation is provided by Richard Pogue Sensei at

Of course this does not show all of the possibilities. From Sherman Harrill we find another dimension for these movements. Sherman once against a left punching attack took the entry into the throw and used the rising right hand as a rising palm strike into the opponents left lower ribs while the rising left arm became an rising open hand deflection to the strike, then the body turning movement allowed the right rising hand to press against their triceps of the striking arm as your left descending palm pressed against the inside of their striking arm. This motion became a sizzors effect trapping their arm in a lock and moving down and up to unbalance them to throw them down.
While this can be done as in the kata going forward, An option to to step back as this is performed using the turning of the body to increase the power of the press.
Again this does not totally define the possibilities of this movement.

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