Monday, November 14, 2016

A move through time

This morning began when I noticed a discussion beginning about a movement Chosen Chinaba did in his version of Kusanku kata.

The discussion went on to discuss changes in hand position. And where and who made those changes.


This started me thinking about the same thing in Isshinryu and the Isshinryu I teach.


So to begin I grabbed some screen prints of Shimabuku Tatsuo made in 1958.

Then looked at the 1966 version.


To contrast it might be fun to look at how the Shorinju_Ryu does it, They were also descended from Kyan Chotoku. And their founder trained alongside Shimabuku Sensei, who had been his senior under Kyan.

Then to understand what was transmitted to me, the closest I have is what Charles Murray was doing here about 1981

So on to how that translated into what I was teaching in 1992. This is my student and friend Young Lee

It is only fair that I include Charles Murray from 2014 too.


Then what time does to your understanding, here is what Young Lee was doing in 2014.

Interesting, Things do move in time.

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