Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sanchin the Personal Journey

Back about 1978 Charles Murray taught me Sanchin kata.


Over the years for many reasons it became a most personal journey.


I remember when a martial artist which I held in high esteem, told me that Sanchin had no applications with its study. Instead it was just for health.


Result – I began to see Sanchin as a toolbox to break down any attack. And I began to use the Sanchin techniques in that way.


Then several students with a Uechi background, shared the Ueichi Sanchin practice as they had studied it with me. A very different approach to the same concept, normal breathing and faster speed for the kata.


Result for the next 28 or so years I kept them separate practices for me.


However, I found I liked the cleaner energy release of the Uechi Sanchin.


So the day finally came, I started doing my personal variation on Sanchin.


One day in 2014, alas into my disabilities, Charles was visiting to train with us. I did Sanchin, as I was personally doing it, alongside with his Sanchin kata. The one he originally taught me.


I do not teach my practice, it is mine alone. I did have Charles share his Sanchin with my students. For it is the standard they follow.


However, to this day I do what I do. My own variation on Sanchin.

Among the changes is the manner in which I perform the Mawashi Uke in the form. First, the opening movements are used to peal away an attacking arm, then the strikes as I do them are using the thumb knuckle as a striking object into the neck and the groin.



Then we have Charles showing his Mawaski Uke technique in his Sanchin.



 Finally both of us are performing our Sanchin kata at the same time.


So I am what I am.

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