Saturday, November 26, 2016

In the Blink of an Eye

From that 1995 clinic with Sherman Harrill in 1996 I just captured 87 screen prints from one small section of the clinic. It was where he was describing different methods of striking (in part) and he went through instance after instance during that explaination.


But one of them sticks out to me. It was probably only seconds of that time, but it was also revealing why I felt an affinity to what Sherman was showing us.


Back in 1968, waling one morning when I was a new black belt, I remember trying to work out what karate striking could contain.


One of the things I came up with was that a strike could be harder if you held onto the person at the same time you struck.


Here Sherman was showing that. Of course if you blinked you missed it, for there was much, much more  that day. 

Sherman Harrill and Tom Chan

Just a brief moment in time, one that also has great value.

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