Thursday, March 22, 2018

400,000 and still counting

When I began this blog, it was at the idea of Mario McKenna, who suggested I should start it. For as much as I shared with my students who were over 20 years into their own training, there was much more that I never had time for in their classes. I had developed so each class I have taught was a unique event never to be repeated. Of course there were themes that did reappear from time to time, but as a flowing stream, you could never step in the same place twice, so were my classes.



I am nothing special. I have never done this for gain or acknowledgment. I am but a student of Tom Lewis and Charles Murray, and am whatever they have wanted me to be. I was fortunate to receive a bit of deep training by some other most gifted individuals, and worked at that. In turn they also trained with my students, becoming other role models for their inspiration.



Along the way I did study whatever I could, often finding that just because something was written, did not make that true. And the more I knew, the less I understood. That kept me looking.


This material was only meant for the handful of individuals who actually trained with me for decades. Only with the floor time, would they really believe what is here, But I do not believe knowledge should be hidden, so I allowed everyone access to make of it as they will.



There are no easy lessons. If anyone does the hard part and actually work at this and make it theirs, they deserve the knowledge.


That said there is information not here. I continue to share those things privately with my students alone. There are things best said privately.



So I guess I have become something as an expert, which was unintended.



I am far from that. But I have actually read the books and articles I write about. And read them many times, for better understanding someone has to actually do that.



So I have read and worked at material from some pretty impressive writings.

Some of which influenced my art directly. And much did not, there is never  enough time after all.



400,000 that many visitors boggles my mind.



The truth is the study of things martial is greater than we can truly grasp. Whatever we can find, there is always more to consider.



I gain nothing if any of you read these words. I have no idea if my students find them useful, that is up to them, that is how they were trained, to make their own choices.



I still have things I wish to share, things I have seen and not got around to sharing, details about our training that might prove useful.


So I will continue, as does the incredible journey I am on does.

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