Sunday, March 18, 2018

An Experiment in Sharing Energy

An Experiment in Sharing Energy



This is something you might want to try in your own dojo.


Beginners, kids or adults, are often filled with doubts as to what they can do.


This is a way to inspire confidence in their own abilities.


For maximum effect do this in front of the whole group.


Take a beginner who knows their first kata, but does not have confidence in their ability to do the kata.


Ask them to do the kata before everyone. Be sure to congratulate their efforts no matter how they do.


Next select two black belts, or two brown belts, who are quite expert at the kata.


Place the beginner in the middle of the two black belts.


Then have them do the kata as a group.


What you will find is that the beginner performs like a black belt.


By having accomplished seniors beside them, they no longer feel like everyone is watching them, because they know that everyone is watching the black belts.


The reality is in group performance everyone is sharing a communal energy of the performance together. The reason to incorporate group kata practice.


So being amidst senior students, they draw confidence and energy from those students, And begin to function at black belt levels of performance.


Then congratulate them for stepping up, knowing the form and acting like a black belt.


Finally remind them that they must continue on in that way.


Of course they will not but that is not to be mentioned, it is just the nature of reality.


But you have helped them touch what is most important to them. In turn that will help them progress.


Everyone saw it, So let other’s join in the fun and all get the lesson.


The simple karate class has more happening in it that you often realize.

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