Sunday, March 18, 2018

Northern Tai Eagle

I had these T-Shirts made of as a gag gift for Ernie when I was training with him about 1981 of 1982.


There is no Northern Tai Eagle system, I just made that up.

Because I was studying Yang Long Fist Tai Chi with  him,


And form studies from other Chinese Systems.


Northen Eagle Claw  - Faan Tzi Ying Jow Pai

Hon Kuen,

Tam Tuie, Power Fist,


Northern Preying Mantis  Slip in and Hit- Sip Jow Jing- (Chau Chi)


Nothern Shaolin – Dune De Kuen, Peng Tsu Dune Kuen


Pai Lum – Pai Lum Kuen , Supple Dragon

A Leopard form, Staff  form, Short Staff Form


I was not studying a system, except for my tai chi studies,

Instead studying a range of forms to better understand the Chinese arts,

At first to become a more knowledgable judge, but in time just to study and learn.


I joked that he should have been teaching me a system,

So I created one using the names of my major studies with him.


Northern Tai Eagle

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