Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eagle Claw Snake Strike

Within many systems there are specialized techniques safely tucked
away in their arsenal that you often do not notice because of their rare use.
They often require decades of conditioning to use them properly.
That would make many believe they are not useful.
But to those who pay the price
and train in them diligently they can be rare treasures.
I want to select one of the rarest techniques I have seen.
The Eagle Claw Snake Strike.
I am not a master of the movement. But I was shown the technique.
It took me over a week of practice before I could even regularly form the movement.
The only reason I know about it was one day I was watching a video of his instructor using the movement in a demo in NYC. I questioned him about the movement, and he explained how the fingers were formed for the move We did not go into other details.
On my own it took me about a week to get my fingers used to create the positions involved.
It was not part of then Eagle Claw I studied. And I never saw it elsewhere.
Then today I was viewing some Lily Lau videos. A different Eagle
Claw lineage and I recognized what she was showing. Of course it is
just one use for the movement, what I had seen years ago was another.
I thought this would be interesting.

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