Friday, April 6, 2018

The continuing challenge

Jim Keenan having kind words for my modified Yang Tai Chi
When I first learned Sanchin kata, about 1977 or so, it was just referred to as Sanchin kata. No description, just the physical performance. Of course over, and over and over. There was on internet and little reference. Didn’t feel I needed it. Just the kata.


I figured out it was just another way to take any  attacker apart, just like my other kata were done for. Where I lived I was not really around others in Isshinryu to hear their opinions, and had no reason to seek them out anyway./


Then in time I met others from other systems. They maintained that Sanchin was for other purposes, such as health and so forth. Not for fighting.


I never paid their opinions any attention, besides their  system did not have Sanchin in any case.


So I continued to work on Sanchin and in time began my own study how to take anyone attacking me apart with Sanchin.


Around the late 1980s I began study of a wide number of things. Among them the idea of what a minimalist system might be (the smallest number of techniques to take anyone out), along with that the idea what the weakest least powerful technique to take anyone out might be (as opposed to the way to develop the greatest amount of power possible). There were many other studies too.


I had no specific mission in mind, just wanted to push my martial understanding as far as possible.


But life takes many twists and turns along it’s course.


Age happens, so do illnesses, misadventure and happenstance.


Even with long training, everything does not equal out in the long run.

In the course of which I discovered I was a recipient of various disabilities.


But that never, ever gave me reason to stop training. I just had to learn to  make huge adjustments to what my art would remain.


Everything was affected. My Tai Chi studies, my karate studies and more.
Those earlier investigations became my reality. The drive to remain martially viable remained my priority.


Much of my practice revolved around my Tai Chi and my Sanchin.


How I modified my Tai Chi to continue.

How I modified my Sanchin to continue.

Everything I ever studied remains on the table. I of course am unable to work out for hours, perhaps several forms is the most I can do. I vary the workout by the day. My ongoing studies include a variety of appropriate weapons studies too.


I do not seek others understanding or approval. I could care less about that.


I work to retain what martial effectiveness that I can.


And the concept of what is the least amount of power to defeat You remains a constant study.



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