Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just because I can



I go to an Okinawan Newspaper web site and translate articles about karate using Bing translate just because I can.   Karate is a very closed society, even one that spans the globe, very few outside of karate even know what it is about, or not about.


I look at what Okinawan’s are seeing about karate, just to have an idea what is being openly discussed there. It is interesting to see what is being shares, as well as what is not being shared there. Giving some perspective about what is being shared or not with the rest of us.


What I see is pride in what Okinawan’s are doing, promotion of karate for international cash flow perhaps, and more than a bit of illusion (watch what the hand is doing, so you don’t see what the other hand is doing.


I have knowledge of one site talking about their art, Motobu-ryu, and try and translate their thoughts, again not to study that art, but to see what they are interested in. It is most amazing that they share so frequently compared to what others share.


Then I have one Chinese site I regularly follow, one with dozens of new articles daily. I select one and attempt translation, just for a hit about what some Chinese are seeing.  Not very scientific, but again to just touch on what they are saying.


And as little as I touch, I am surprised how I find no others doing the same.


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