Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A different way to consider the nukite.


Nukite is the strike with the tips of extended fingers. At times it traditionally calls “spear hand” strikes. Those strikes are targeted vulnerable soft body points – primarily neck and throat as well as abdomen area.


Very few today practice the older hand conditioning for Nukite.


Of course it still can be very effective to soft tissue areas, such as into  the throat, the armpit and the groin. But far less effective to areas of the body with heavier muscleture.


However, there is a method of nukite use which can still be successful.


The method I am going to describe, I learned long ago, however I do not believe I have ever described it.


When you move to strike into your opponent (target of opportunity, say the heart of the abdomen) You strike forward with you nukite.


When it hits the hard musculature without extensive training you will likely not get much of a reaction from your opponent.


Instead you use the striking of your fingertips to make the opponents body tense automatically. This creates a more rigid surface.


Then you immediately collapse your fingers (either into a turning fist or a vertical fist) and drill that fist into their body.


Thus a 1 strike technique becomes a 2 strike technique. The 2nd strike the primary one to do damage.



They are more unprepared for the 2nd strike and thus it can penetrate further into their body.


Of course this does not limit other possibilities, all of which are still open for you.


We drilled on this many times over the years, but another movement we never filmed.



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