Friday, September 7, 2018

What occurs to me at night.

Of course I am no longer teaching, but my mind never turns off and this is something I would be teaching today.


The past few nights I have been thinking on an application against someone moving toward you with their limb. The genesis of my thought came from a Seisan application I learned from Sherman Harril, and then various other things I have studied added on.


Then I saw the kumite kata by Ohtsuka Hironori (founder of Wado Ryu) and student. It was showing similar use of attack.


This is how the drill opened.

Now my version:
The attacker moves their left lead limb in your direction (grab or strike).
1. Your left foot begins to move to begin the left foot forward  crescent step first, moving it alongside the right supporting foot. As the left foot moves your right open hand palm moves across your body to parry their incoming arm.  Simultaneous with that your left spearhand strikes into their left armpit (alternatively into the left side of their upper ridge cage). The parry and the strike conclude at the same instant.
2. Your left foot becomes the stance supporting leg, and the right foot steps back to form the left foot forward crescent stance. Moving your center away from the focus of their attack. As that occurs both hands move in a simultaneous movement. The left open back hand parrying into their attacking limb as the right knife hand slices out and back across their throat. Again both movements supporting the power of each other as a force multiplier.
The right shuto slash into their throat moves in a circular slashing motion, away from the attacker after the slash.
3. Now the right hand circles under the attacking limb, then continues to rise in an outer open hand fore arm parry to the attacking limb.
At this you have shifted your defense from an interior line of defense, to an exterior line of defense.
4. As your right forearm parries their attacking limb to the outside, the hand passes over their limb and then presses into the limb and applies downward force via the pressure from your palm.
Do not grab to keep the arms free to respond as needed, not tying up the arm.
5. Now you shift from exterior line of defense to exterior line of offense. As your right hand presses into their limb, you strike with your right forearm into their back triceps. This motion becomes a break or dislocate movement.
The overall motion of the technique at this point becomes a variation of the mawashi uke, uchi.
Done very quickly, each portion of the movement might conceivably end the attack, just as taken together should also do so.
Then I woke up. Wonder what comes to mind next.

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