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Saturday Morning – July 15, 2005

A peek into the past at how my black belt classes were conducted.

Technique Review


  1. Hook punch IR thumb knuckle strikes (neck, ribs)
  2. Hook punch with the IR thumb knuckle, and index finger 2nd knuckle as a double strike.
    1. How this fits into the neck under the rear of the jaw, and into the temple as a double strike.
  3. Hook punch elbow strikes to the rear
  4. Discussion about Sherman’s thumb middle finger touch to form a circle and the impact advantages for a ridgehand strike (must research)
  5. Mawashi Uke/Tora Guchi double strikes, but not with palms but the first thumb knuckle, taking care to rotate the entire hand to make the strike work
    1. Subset analysis how great a knuckle strike can be into the neck
    2. Subset basic countering the neck strike – instead of taking it, instead turn into it, changing the striking zone outside of the strikes capability
    3. Enter into strike/counter/counter-counter 
  6. Discussion how alignment and control of the intersecting spheres works with these techniques.
  7. Discussion of the difference between responding extemporaneously, and responding where you’re in control and might choose the more obscure strikes for specific fits.


Work on Chinto Kata

            Application of someone grabbing your arm.

1.      Right foot steps back, your arm in down block position, but actually draws them forward (outside of their sphere of control) the other hand protecting the chest.

2.      Respond with a front kick as they’re out of position to stop it.


Application using the low block (without the spinning turn.

Attacker grabs your R. arm with their L.

1.      LFB (horse stance) with Hi/Low block.

2.      LFF (towards them) and low block into their arm


a.       LFF (towards them) and low block into their arm.

b.      RFF left hooks under and over their arm/right slices up across their ribs and then strikes into their jaw.


Chantan yara no sai

            Mike work on

a.       Crescent step

b.      Chambering

c.       Keeping butt strikes down to the solar plexus

Role of  Chambering in keeping the body correctly aligned for more power.


Stick form for Kukri and Bolo knives, using ½ of the form.

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