Thursday, January 10, 2019

What you don’t use you lose. Oft times too true.

What you don’t use you lose. Oft times too true.

I went outside today to work out a bit. The past week I have been a bit off and have not walked much, but today feeing stronger I decided to work on a few kata.


First using the one wooden kama I kept, I began doing the kama drill I devised for 2 kama now adjusted to one kama. Being truth full only to me would it be said I was running kata, but one can only do what one can.


Finishing that I decided to do a part of my Tai Chi Straight Sword Set with a wooden kama replacing the sword. Incredibly I found it worked very well, with a few adjustments and in turn was quite viscous. A very unique find. Then I ran what I could do several times.


Completing my kama, I decided to shift to empty hand.

First I ran Seisan kata. Then Seiunchin. Finally choosing to do Kusanku.


Kusanku often very beyond me, today was working well. But when I hit the ½ mark for the form, whatever that is, I could not recall what to do next.  What you don’t use you lose.

O I did work it out, more another senior moment. But this made me recall that saying too.




But during all that a striking similarity between the Wansu Kata Kamae and the Yang Tai Chi Chaun Play Guitar use came to me.


About how forming the Wansu Kamae inside an attack and remaining non-moving is also an offensive use of non-motion. The attacker inserts themselves into the position with  great pain the result.



And that position is almost identical to the Yang Play Guitar position.



Use can be found in the most unlikely places.

Of course there may be slight adjustment to the stance to adjust the angle of insertion to the attack.

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