Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Let's Go to the Video Tape

There was a time when the Derry Boys and Girls Club did something for my youth program, I always taught for free, doing just what many parents did for the youth of my home town when I was a boy, they paid it forward for all of us, and I was doing the same with the minor thing I knew best, my karate. We always did charge $1.00 a class (for over 35 years the same fee) to give that money to the Club which supported our effort. In turn that covered a part of use of the space for class, the shield of the Club’s insurance and anything else the Club could find use for. They also allowed me to hold my adult class there.


So one day the Club bought me a video camera to use.


I knew how to use it as a pedagogical tool. Allowing me to monitor and view my student’s performances in greater detail. Not so much to save the best efforts. After all they could constantly view individuals with decades of work on the same art any night.


It also allow me to save those times when my instructors and friends came and gave clinics allowing me to retain their sharings for further study.


On student performance what was saved  was not so much the perfect execution, rather for example very good performance showing where each shodan should move through, not the top but moving toward way beyond.


Anyone viewing such performance could find flaws, after all I too could find them. But to believe that was the goal we were shooting for…


Then I also used that video to save some of my work on application analysis. And always against a very standard attack, most of the time slowly to explain what I saw.


The larger study of any application realization, I never filmed those, they lived those much larger studies, Knowing the eventual goal was to make that application work against any attack.


Some of which I have shared on my blog for my students. They realize what those videos represent. And what those videos do not represent.


I allow unto encourage others to view what I have shared there. But they really are meant only for those who trained with me, and then only as a tool to use.


What sums it best is that old saw. “To assume is only To Make an Ass out of You  and  Me.

 An outside observer viewing any video can of course judge that video, that is up to them.

But to assume that video really describes the program behind it……

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