Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Look at Tai Chi Martial Potential

The study of Tai Chi includes a number of practices which guide the student towards the martial applications. With such a multitude of systems there is no way a comprehensive list could be developed. Perhaps this will suffice to view the tai chi martial potential.

While Tai Chi is often practiced slowly, when applied it is anything but slow. But to begin the slowness is beneficial to learning, correcting balance and slowly developing correct skills. However, if viewed with the open mind you can see its martial potential, from the initial push hand. Where you study pushing, pulling, pressing and warding off the attack, to DaLu the push hands when moving and cornering.

Then to the much more complex  Opposing  Person Form with a greater number of attacks with tai chi movements, and notice at each attack there is a corresponding tai chi counter for the attack.

Finally a look at Tai Chi potential at  a faster speed.

Many programs no longer address the Tai Chi martial potential, but it is part of full training.

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