Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Look at Judo Kata

Taking a closer link at Judo Kata, we find the ’Itsutsu No Kata’ or ‘Kata of the 5 Principles’. It may seem strange to our ideas of what kata should be, but it is quite advanced for it explores perfect development of these principles in the performer. We have this record of Mufine Sensei performing this kata.  erhaps best expressed the techniques of Itsutsu-no-kata are composed of gentle movements evocative of natural forces.
Kano Jigoro Professor, Judo’s founder, was performing ‘Ju No Kata’ in this old video record.

 Also unusual to most eyes. this kata the ‘Ju No Kata’ or ‘Form of Suppleness’. It’s techniques show the advancement of the ‘Ju’ in Judo or ‘Yielding’, and the kata contains no throws.

Yet another kata is that of ‘Koshiki No Kata’ or the ‘Ancient Kata’.  It consists of 21 techniques originally belonging to the Takenaka-ha Kito Ryu of Jujutsu.
Performed by Kano Jigoro Professor in this old video,

,it is thought to be the only kata attacking the cervical spine. 
Designed to attack armored warriors. This demonstration clearly shows this and likely explains the why of the movement used.

Mufine Sensei most likely owed his abilities in no small part to these kata among Judo’s 7 kata, absolutely incredible.


The lesson, there is much to learn in different systems and their methods, consider this.

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