Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's on my Desk Right Now!

At times you can tell what’s coming next by noting what in on an individual’s desk.
Here are the books I am currently looking at.

Ginchin Funakishi  Karate Do Koyan
Mario McKenna  An Overview of Karate-Do
Itoman Morinobu “The Study of China Hand Techniques
H. Kogel “The Secret Karate Techniques Kata Bunkai”
Motobu Chogun   Japanese Edition of his Combined Works
Irei Hiroshi “Okinawan Karate, A man Called Chanmie, Kyan Chotoku,
Story of his Youth
Nagamine Shoshin “Tales of Onknawa’s Great Masters”
Engami Shigeru “The Way of Karate Beyond Technique”
Kawaishi M. “The Complete 7 Katas of Judo
Nishioka Hayward “The Judo Textbook
Roy Suenaka  Complete Aikido
Hokama Tetsuhiro “Timeline of Karate History
Itosukai Sawabe Shiberu  Patsai

I don’t think there is a pattern, except I don’t return books to their proper place when I am finished with them. Can’t say at this time if any of them are a part of my next project.

One thing, most of the books were one time published. They each had a purpose to the author and unfortunately I doubt it was to provide material for us. At best this is incidential/

We are fortunate to find these works. It has been a side project for almost 40 years, beginning when my wife bought me “Karate Do Koyan” for Christmas in 1976.

My collection is not available for others to borrow. I am constantly referring to it in my studies. Many of the volumes were gifts, to the givers, I am most grateful. I am ever searching them to try and understand our arts origins.

A month from now my desk will look different.

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Kamil Devonish said...

McKenna's translation of Itoman's work is a treasure.