Monday, October 5, 2015

Opening Seisan Kata

From 1991 we have my earliest explorations into the opening of Seisan Kata. My studies since that time have explored far more potential uses.
Any application is but a potential one until adequate training moves it from Application Potential to Application Realized.

Everything shown is done at an explanation pace.

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Daniel Vena said...

Point of view in the study of kata, (Empty Hand), is the key to knowledge. Applications vary and one must be able to adjust as the attack develops. When you release a tool such as an arm or leg as Sensei states here, finish the move. Don't be so rigid in your understanding of basic bunkai. Sensei is allowing you to expand your thought process and deliver varied applications to the basic bunkai. Let's face it, when attacked you must take control of your safety, your way. These curriculum enhancements allow us the opportunity to train in such a way that we try our best to be prepared and have situation awareness. Empty Hand Kata, Seisan, the battle of 13.