Friday, October 30, 2015

Toudi-jutsu no Kenkyu - Intriguing Prior Practices

Returning to Itoman Seijin’s book Toudi-jutsu no Kenkyu it gives us a clearer glimpse at the environmental concernn of earlier training.

Some ideas not often discussed today.

How to Train Elbow Strikes
Elbow strikes can be trained in the same manner as the closed fist by using the makiwara.

Single & Double Leg Kicks
There are two kinds of double kicks, simultaneous and combination. In the former, the feet are brought together as you jump up and then you kick. In a combination kick, after the first kick is delivered a second kick is launched to a separate target.

Flying Steps
Flying steps refer to techniques performed while in the air.

Types of flying steps

Flying Cut

Flying In & Flying Back

Triangle Flying
This technique involves jumping or leaping to three points. That is, you use the footing from a wall, tree stump or the ground to deliver a kick, move to an advantageous position, or move to safe distance using three technique is used to leap over a barrier or obstacle, or to run and leap up to strike down on an opponent.

There are three main ways of screaming against an opponent, a direct scream, a counter scream, or a controlling scream. The first two types of screams rely upon the use of the energy generated by the inhalation and exhalation of the breath. The former is used when you initiate your attack to unite your mind and body with the intent of striking down your opponent. The later is used when your opponent has screamed at you and you explosively retaliate with your own. These kinds of screams or yells must be delivered not only with the entire body, but need to be delivered with an intent that has depth, breadth, and power. They must also have the strength to strike at and pierce an opponent’s mind and tower over him. A controlling scream is used to show your opponent and those around him that you will be victorious, that you and your attacks will overcome him.

Strange Voices
Strange voices refer to mimicking the sounds of animals such as the monkey, crane and tiger to create an opening in the opponent. It is a means of mesmerizing the opponent with the voice.

Sickle Reap
The sickle reap resembles the motion of cutting grass with a sickle where you use your ankles to reap the legs from under an opponent.

A translation available by the efforts of Mario McKenna through Lulu press.


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