Monday, October 12, 2015

On Fractals

Often I’ve described how I may use fractals of a motion for its own application. I just found this analysis I did back in 6/20/2008 and it seems to calrify this a bit. My previous post regarding fractals is at


This following demonstration by Dr. Yang Jwing Ming (YMAA White Crane and Yang Tai Chi Chaun)  helps make a visual example of fractals in usage. This form appears to be a demonstration form built from the larger Yang form and incorporates the use of his White Crane energy release with the tai chi technique.

The fractal of a motion occurs at 26 seconds you see him deliver an elbow strike and then complete the original technique at second 31. 


Fu Zhong wen shows the same movement without the focused use of the elbow strike at seconds 25 and 26.

 Fu Zhong wen Yang-style Form Part 1
I just find this a clear visual example of the concept. The use of fractals of a movement may be large or it may be a very small section of the actual movement.     
Of other interest is how Dr. Yang is using his energy release (I believe in Chinese – Fajing) fos his techniques. This is pretty unique at the level he is showing from other’s tai chi studies. It may well be a good example of the White Crane energy release he describes in his writings.

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