Friday, October 30, 2015

The Thyroid Reflex


The Thyroid Reflex by Valerie Voner, C.R.T.

The thyroid is another endocrine gland. This gland has two lobes and is found nestled in the base of the neck, just below the voice box, with a lobe on either side of the windpipe. The thyroid is shaped like a butterfly; each wing is on one side of the body.




Okay, the reflex we are going to use is the gag reflex. Now many people know about this reflex so the knowledge of its existence is definitely not earth shattering or some kind of secret. However, with a bit of knowledge here we can make this point a lot more effective for you AND teach you some principles that apply to many other points.

Okay, the gag reflex point is located on the middle of the lower, anterior neck, just above the sternal notch.

Now some people will be hesitant thinking that this area is weak and that you are going to damage the throat by pushing here, but let me assure you that while pressing here will feel uncomfortable, you are not going to damage the neck at this location. That is because underneath the point are rings of thick cartilage.

In order for this to work, though, you HAVE to press quickly. If you press slowly, then the person can resist because the gag reflex, which is part of the breathing system, is only stimulated externally by sudden changes in stimulation (See Advanced Pressure Points: The System of Pressure Points for more on the 5 different systems – available in’s E-store) I suggest that you press with one supported finger in the middle of the neck at this location.

If you have done this correctly you will see the person back up quickly. How far he backs up is in direct proportion to how hard and how fast you push. It is possible to have him launch himself into the wall behind him with all his muscles.

In order to get even more effect, this time I want you to run your fingers on the bone edge of the top part of the sternal notch (hard) so that you are rubbing bone as you press the gag reflex. The bone part is the level 1 pressure point stimulation and the sharp pain will take away any resistance he may have had from your finger or thumb entering this area. Done correctly you should see an enhanced effect.

This is a classic example of how I use pressure points. I frequently use a combination of such points knowing full well that if the level 1 pressure point doesn’t work, then the level 3 will. If both points work, then I am even better off as my opponent is not.

Here are some typical types of Reflex pressure points:

1 - Cardiac Points: they drop the blood pressure. (No, they don’t stop the heart).

2 - Light force knockout points (vascular and RAS stimulation – see The Complete Book of Light Force Knockouts for more on this subject -- available in’s E-store).

3 - Breathing Points (points that cause a dramatic decrease in the ability to breathe).

4 - Balance disruption points.

5 - Brain protection points (points that cause hard-wired reaction designed to protect the brain and have nothing to do with pain).

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