Thursday, January 12, 2017

Chinto and Da Lu

At first glance Isshinryu Chinto Kata  and Tai Chi do not appear to have much in common.


However Tai Chi develop to the place it holds today from its original martial tradition. One of the primary tai chi practices is known as the practice of Push Hands, It is where the practitioner develop a sensitivity to the opponents mistake becoming off balanced and then learning how to use that against them. In practice there is a single hand push, a double hand pusn, stationary practice, stepping practice and turning and stepping practice. Each building different skills. Another version of Push Hands practice is known as the exercise Da Lu.



What makes this more interesting is that the movements being used are found in the exact order within Chinto kata.

In fact the movements are being used to neutralize each other.

And more interesting these movements are the same ones for the initial section which are those akin to Aikido’s

Heaven and Earth Throw.Which I have already commented on.


The more we see, the more imperative

that we train harder and with more focus.

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