Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What knowledge of one movement looks like

I ran across this brief video of TAMOTSU MIYAHIRA
In it he takes one movement and shows what it might be used for. Or at least what he chooses to share.
The video describes this as follows:
----muchimi chinkuchi gamaku---
-essence of okinawa old-style Karate.(Gekisai etc.Bunkai)
---- break the balance and Throw down ----
It was also mentioned that:
In Chinese Martial Arts, it is common to kick in the Chinese Martial Arts, and it is used as ' Hook '.
This is good, observe and learn
from these screen captures I made.



M Black said...

Do you know if this instructor is any relation to the Tamotsu family of the Shorinji-Ryu Renshinkan lineage?

Victor Smith said...

I just found this video on YouTube, Unfortunately I cannot answer your question.