Friday, January 20, 2017

The Art of Conclusion

One of Karate’s “secrets” is the power that can be found in the smallest thing is often most important.


The Core  of Okinawan Karate if Kata.


And regardless of the kata in question there are 3 parts.


1. The Opening, where you begin.

2.The Middle, where stuff happens.

3. The End, conclusion of the exercise.


Regardless of the complexity, or the age of the form in question, these definitions are still there.


The Opening makes sense for you have to begin somewhere. Perfecting that movement is simple sense.

The Middle is where most of the stuff of one’s art resides. Techniques, application potentials, work to application movement realization.

The End is where you stop, or is it.


That is what I want to talk about.


Kata, practice or performance, there is little difference, does not stop when the kata does. Kata is not just something to complete and then go on to the next thing.


The perfect ending is as important as all the rest.


You end the exercise. You find perfect balance and composure to fit your moment. You become quiet, ready to read t where you are and even begin again.

Your composure becomes such that your awareness is heightened for whatever comes next!


You do not drop your hands, lose your center, sulk away to whatever comes next.


You become composed at closure, aware, alive, living to the fullness,


Or so it is to me.

 Tom Lewis, Sensei, concluding Seisan kata.

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