Thursday, January 5, 2017

For the New Year 2017

For the New Year there is a tradition in Japan to stand under a waterfall.

 Yamaguchi Gogen did it, as this as this iconic photograph snows,


and so did these guys.


2013 JKA 上市支部 元旦滝打ち 完全版



Now here bouts in New Hampshire we don’t train karate in snowstorms.

On the other hand for over 17 years I did have a tai chi group class on my drive way. And foe class we always dressed appropriately for the weathero One of our first classes was a January and the temperature was -20 f. As we were practicing a standing chi drill I noticed a town police car drove past my property. Then a little later he drove by again. Next he came walking by watching what we were doing. I am sure he was astonished we were outside in those temperatures.

But here the temperature as years passed went between +120f to that -20f. Never for the temperature did we cancel class. Rain or snow were a different matter, but not for temperature.

One year there was a heavy snow storm on a Saturday Night. I went out early to shovel 2 hours before class. And I cleared the driveway.

Went inside for dry clothes as the group came here. And to greet them I went outside into the very cold air not wearing a top. They had a heart attack, rushing me inside to finish dressing. I was toasty warm and did not even feel the bitter wind chill.

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