Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The application for the ending of Sanchin Kata

Just to make a point,
Sanchin Kata does have combat applications.

I never thought the Okinawans were not aware of their Sumo tradition.
Always felt there were counters within karate.

Guess these photos make my point. 

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Victor Smith said...

Paolo Taigō Spongia In this picture Chojun Miyagi Sensei is showing Sesan Kata Bunkai (application) with Miyazato Sensei nothing to do with Sanchin Kata...

Victor Donald Smith However it was a friend from Goju how pointed this out to me as being from Sanchin years ago. I do not doubt you, and thank you. However it suggests everything can be seen from several points of view. Again, something new to think on.

Paolo Taigō Spongia May be he was not just speaking about this picture.
In Sanchin you never rise up feet from floor and applications are more ‘internal’ then external (aslo if some ‘external’ application can be studied in it)..