Sunday, October 15, 2017

Thoughts on getting a a Finger

Not feeling very well today, chose not to eat anything. Spend a lot of time sleeping. But on those occasions I awoke, I turned on the news, and over and over saw individuals unhappy with the world. And far to frequently they gave their opponents the finger.

Now I have known what and Itallian Salute was from my days at Temple University. The mere fact of its existence is not surprising..

But the vituperative feeling behind its use in public to make a continual point, well of course I get it, Just shows how little class they have.

And no over response in incorrect. As much as I would like to cave their chest in or break their leg for doing that that would be excessive.

On the other hand a very tactical answer is required.

Their sticking the middle finger in my direction, I perceive as an attack.

 That finger can continue to move in my direction, and since they launched it I do not really know their intent.

So, I would respond adequately. My left open palm would sweep up against the underside of the hand and wrist. That would cause their hand to rise.

At the same time my right open hand (palm down) would rise above their finger. Then when their hand reached the apex of its rise. That open right palm would slap down. Suddenly bending their ‘finger’ down, perhaps snapping it to a break.

The sudden pain would drop them to their knees, they would clutch the floor against the sudden pain.
And then they would cry, the pain causing their tears too flow.

Exact scene, they give the finger, So I break it and they are on the floor.
An most appropriate response for use of impolite behavior.

Think Peace, Love and Happiness to Guide the Planets. Love will steer the Stars.

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