Sunday, October 15, 2017

Time to Work

As my disabilities continue and I remain a Martial Artist,

 I am continually deterring how I can respond to a violent situation.


Situation some is threatening me, and standing before me.


I want my response to begin in a matter where they do not perceive

I am preparing to attack them.


I begin with my right hand moving away from them towards my chest.

The hand is open, and the palm turned towards the floor.


As the hand is not moving towards them.

it in its motion does not trigger a threat.


Then I continue that hand to rise, picking up the speed.


When the right hand reaches its apex of the rise,

It slices down,

the back if the hand slicing down into the neck.


There are many of targets of opportunity to strike into.

The side of the head,

The side of the neck.

The point is the slashing downward movemt,

Should stun the attacker.


Well you have to start somewhere.

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